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Why work for Elsewedy

Training &Leadership

Being a complex business, we make sure that you understand and grab the bits and pieces of the nature of our business, we therefore provide all our new employees a training program that gets them familiar and acquainted with the business nature, the different departments and processes that work synergistically to sustain Elsewedy Cables growth.

We make sure that all our new employees know exactly where to go and who to ask for to get the job done. In addition to that, our employees are eligible to other courses that would help them work efficiently and effectively. We make sure that all our employees are in an ongoing development mission to match the challenges and requirements of the job. It is with people that we move forward.


In our daily expansions we make sure we have space for ambitious people, like you. It’s very important that we help you make the best use of your unlimited ambitions and potentials.

At Elsewedy Electric there are many stories of youth who have made their way to the top, who climbed the ladder of success faster than they thought because it was leaning towards the right building.

Because new factories and offices are opened everyday all around the world, there are always opportunities for higher positions. We constantly make sure to send the best fit for those positions, and not those who are available.

If your ambitions are big enough to cross continents, Elsewedy Electric is the right place for you.

Work/life balance

One of the good advantages of being part of Elsewedy Electric community is achieving a work/life balance, we believe that work is an important investment but not the only one. We promote the importance of recreating your energy and taking a break.